Automobile Accidents – According to the U.S. Department of transportation there are nearly 17,000 car accidents every day. These staggering numbers leave many people in vulnerable situations and financially burdened. Here at J. Barrera Law, we emphasize serving innocent auto accident victims. In the even you are involved in an auto accident, keep in mind our law firm for all your legal and medical concerns.

Our number one priority while serving our clients is to guarantee quality medical care and professional expertise when dealing with the inconvenience of an automobile accident.

Commercial Vehicle/ 18 Wheeler Accidents – More frequently on today’s roads and highways we observe numerous commercial vehicles transporting goods and services. However, due to a high demand of energy and commercial goods needed, ,accidents become more frequent due to weather, road, and fatigue factors. None the less, many trucking companies will neglect safety practices for the sake of profit and diminish road compliance procedures putting other drivers at risk.

Vehicle Defects – Vehicle design flaws and defects emerge over time and only become apparent once a road place accident may occur. Our firm has effectively and successfully resolved cases dealing with:

  • tire failure and detreading
  • seatbelt failure
  • defective air bags
  • rollover accidents

Workplace Accidents – With production being an essential factor in everyday business, the industrial workplace can be a dangerous place. Workers are constantly surrounded by heavy machinery, chemicals, under-trained employees, and inadequate equipment. We represent clients who have been confronted with these issues directly. Anything from oilfield accidents, construction site injuries, and slip and fall incidents, we provide the expertise necessary to process these claims.

Other Areas of Law Include :

  • Dangerous Pharmaceuticals
  • Premises Liability Claims
  • Chemical Exposures
  • Jones Act Claims
  • Vehicle Recall
  • Medical Malpractice*
  • Criminal*
  • Consultation basis only


Our number one priority while serving our clients is to guarantee quality medical care / professional.


Areas of Law Include: Automobile Accidents, Commercial Vehicle Accidents,Vehicle Defects.


My name is Jose E. Barrera the chief Attorney at the J. Barrera Law Firm. I was raised in Corpus