Here at J. Barrera Law we understand that our clients could have chosen any other personal injury law firm, but they have decided to let our Attorney and staff work on their case specifically. Why is this? It is not because of our multimillion dollar marketing campaigns on the tv or radio, but because of our commitment to our clients to be trustworthy, understanding, and accessible in their time of need. This is important because a personal injury accident requires time, resources, accountability, and immediate action in order to achieve a successful result on a claim. Our office distinguishes itself from others because our clients receive personalized attention and each case will be dealt personally by the Attorney and staff on a face to face basis. We continue to strive for outstanding client satisfaction every day, regardless of the situation or adversity someone may endure during the inconvenience of an accident. Our biggest priority is to give back to the people and communities that have made us successful thus far, because with such a competitive market for other Attorney’s our services must truly be notable in order to sustain an efficient and successful business.

Please keen in mind our services offered here at J. Barrera Law, we emphasize in personal injury law and can accommodate all your needs if you have been involved in any automobile accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, vehicle defects, workplace accidents and more. For more questions or information regarding our services offered please contact our office telephone line or email address for one our legal representatives.


Our number one priority while serving our clients is to guarantee quality medical care / professional.


Areas of Law Include: Automobile Accidents, Commercial Vehicle Accidents,Vehicle Defects.


My name is Jose E. Barrera the chief Attorney at the J. Barrera Law Firm. I was raised in Corpus